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Full Quench Through Type Glass Tempering Furnace

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Full Quench Through Type

Glass Tempering Furnace


After being tempered in the high-pressure section, the glass enters the cooling section for reciprocating cooling.

Tempering& Cooling blowers are usually equipped with two sets. One bigger capacity and one small capacity, for higher efficiency and great energy saving.

Mainly using for big productivity requirement of 4mm thickness or less. 

Advanced blowing design, special through-type design, can help to get big productivity but at much lower power consumption.   

Clear and high efficiency, steady shape keeping, long service time.

Radiation heating and forced convection heating system for options.





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1.The above date is calculated by 5mm clear glass and 100% loading rate as reference.

2. Above is general size list, others can be customized according to exact need.

3.The company keeps the rights to update data without notice.


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