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Continuous type Flat Glass Tempering Furnace

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Technical characteristics


Glass is conveyed and processed at continuous forward movement direction, without making reciprocating.

More times the length of heating oven and air quench sections than normal popular type of glass tempering machine, can make the glass be heated to the needed temperature in one-way movement, and be tempered and cooled quickly.

During the production process, the blower works continuously and effectively, with obvious energy saving effect.

Heating and cooling process does not need reciprocating swing, which can greatly reduce quality defects such as white fog, scratches and waves.

Suitable for processing large quantities of High quality solar glass, electronic home appliance glass, home glass, building glass,etc.



The main parameters



1.The above date is calculated by 5mm clear glass and 100% loading rate. Actual data will be subject to glass types, specifications and loading rate.
2. Above is general size list as reference, others can be designed and supplied according to exact requirement.
3.The company will keep the rights for updating data at any time without notice.
4.AT-TAL series glass tempering furnace is mainly used for popular flat glass, especially very nice and high efficiency solar panel glass.

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