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The main points of tempering furnace temperature control during use

  Most manufacturers use horizontal tempering furnaces to produce tempered glass. Everyone knows that temperature control has two basic requirements for a horizontal tempering furnace. First, the

How to avoid wind spots during the operation of the tempering furnace?

  Friends who know tempered glass know that improper operation of the tempering furnace may cause wind spots on the glass, which will affect the beauty of the glass. What is the wind spot? How to avoid wind spots during the operation of the tempering furnace?

Operation and optical problems and measures of glass tempering furnace

  Everyone knows that the operation of the glass tempering furnace has an important influence on the appearance of tempered glass. Only by mastering the correct operation method can these problems be .....

Cleaning and maintenance of ceramic roller table of tempering furnace

  The service life of the ceramic roller table of the tempering furnace is closely related to the use method, maintenance method and application environment of the equipment.

Tempering furnace manufacturers: the cleaning of tempered glass and precautions for use

  Compared with ordinary glass, glass tempered by a tempering furnace has the advantages of high safety factor, high bending resistance, etc., but it is also glass after all, and it will shatter if used improperly.

How to distinguish tempered glass from ordinary glass

  Nowadays, the glass processed by the tempering furnace can be seen everywhere, and its performance is improved, but many people say that they don't know how to distinguish tempered glass from ordinary glass. Next, let me take you to a brief understanding.   
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